Why we Worship


Clap your hands, all peoples!
  Shout to God with loud songs of joy!
For the LORD, the Most High, is to be feared,
  a great king over all the earth.
He subdued peoples under us,
  and nations under our feet.
He chose our heritage for us,
  the pride of Jacob whom he loves.

God has gone up with a shout,
  the LORD with the sound of a trumpet.
Sing praises to God, sing praises!
  Sing praises to our King, sing praises!
For God is the King of all the earth;
  sing praises with a psalm!

Why Sing?

God reigns over the nations;
  God sits on his holy throne.
The princes of the peoples gather
  as the people of the God of Abraham.
For the shields of the earth belong to God;
  he is highly exalted!

Why Scripture?


Have you walked through the Sistine Chapel? Then have you tried to describe it? Lots of luck. Words don't do it justice. P. T. Forsythe had a gift for words, and a love for the cross of Christ. And we are blessed as a result.

Recent Entries

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September 12, 2012
So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

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August 18, 2012
The bible gives us several reasons, but according to Jeremy Taylor, a deceitful heart is at the root of prayerlessness.

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July 23, 2012
To keep in step with the Spirit should be our daily quest. And if we are successful at that, all of life falls into place.

Theological Steak
April 10, 2012
These words by P. T. Forsythe on the magnificence of Christ's work are to theology what Ruth's Chris is to a good steak.

Describing the Indescribable
February 11, 2012
What we have in Christ will take all eternity to describe. But for one segment of one sermon, a great preacher made a mighty attempt.

Making Sense Of It All
January 30, 2012
Where are things headed? Is there rhyme and reason to the endless cycle of summer, fall, winter and spring? Is there a plan in place, or is randomness the explanation?

The Incredible Love Of God

January 30, 2009

The following is steak, or prime rib. It is to be chewed thoughtfully and digested slowly. P.T. Forsythe seems incapable of writing the equivalent of hamburger, where most of the work has already been done for the eater.

God, in his holiness, figured out a way to reconcile fallen man, while still being faithful to his justice. And his magnificent plan to show grace is currently the praise of heaven and will be throughout eternity. Meanwhile here on earth, songwriters have attempted to capture the wonder in stanzas, and preachers labor to magnify this God who stopped at nothing to reconcile us back.

The miracle of the world is not that God should love his children or even his prodigals. Do not even the Publicans likewise? But it is that he should love, forgive and redeem His enemies; that his heart should atone for them to His own holy nature; that He should consecrate a suffering greater even than they devised, all the suffering they might have to endure; and by their central sin and its judgment destroy sin at its center.....
Forgiving is not just forgetting.  It is not canceling the past.  It is not mere amnesty and restoration. There is something broken in which a soul's sin shatters a world. Such is a soul's grandeur, and so great is the fall thereof; so seamless is the robe of righteousness, so ubiquitous and indefectible the moral order which makes man man. 

Account must be had, somewhere and by somebody, of that holiness of God which is the dignity of fatherhood and soul of manhood.  There are debts that cannot simply be written off and left unrecovered.  There is a spiritual order whose judgments are the one guarantee for mankind and its future. 
That law of holiness can by no means whatever be either warned off or brought off in its claim. God cannot simply wave it as to the past, nor is it enough if he simply declare it for all time.  In His own eternal nature it has an undying claim to which he must give effect in due judgment somewhere, if He is to redeem a world. 

The enforcement of God's holiness by judgment is as essential to a universal and eternal Fatherhood as is the outflow of His love. It was not cursed suffering only that fell on the Savior, it was holy judgment. The Holy Father dealt there with the world's sin on (not in) a worldsoul. 

God in Christ judged sin as a Holy Father seeking penalty only for holiness' sake. He gathered it in one there, and brought it to issue, focused, thus, with His unity of holy law. The misery of death which the sinner bears blindly, sullenly, resentfully, was there understood with the understanding of Holy God; the guilt was seen as God sees it; the judgment was accepted as God's judgment, born, owned and glorified before the world as holy, fatherly, just, and good. 

That final witness of holiness to holiness amid sin's last wreck, penalty, and agony - that is expiation as the Father made it in the Son, not changing His feeling, but by crisis, by judgment, eternally changing His relations with the world.



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